Saturday, December 10, 2022

#UBCBoG 2022 Election Results

The 2022 Board of Governors election for faculty governors came to a close Thursday, Dec. 8th at 4pm. Results were announced to the candidates late Friday afternoon.

Declared elected were Anna Kindler (260 votes) and Charles Menzies (225 votes). 

560 of the eligible 2816 voters cast ballots. Most voters selected two candidates each. Based on the number of total votes cast (1051) and the potential total vote (560 x 2 = 1120) we can infer that 69 people plumped (voted for only one candidate).

The vote spread between the last elected and third ranked candidate was 17 votes. Total vote spread between first elected and fifth ranked candiate was 93 votes.

None of the candidates received a plurality of votes. Candidate shares of support (% of eligible voters who voted for them) range from a high of 46% to a low of 30%. Both elected candidates each received more than 40%. During the last election (2016) both elected candidates were elected with 50% or more. 

Overall close to 20% of those eligible voted, which is significantly more than for the last actual election in 2016 in which 15% voted. The 2020 election was by acclamation so no one voted for the two declared elected candidates in that election.

2016 Election results.

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