Over the course of 2015-2016 we have seen that governance structures and processes at UBC need change. Faculty were clear - it’s time to clean up the mess that closed-door meetings and sparse record keeping had created.  But more importantly, work needs to be done to put words into action: Don’t tell use you respect us, show us! With many of my colleagues I think that faculty have a critical role to play in governance and that it’s time we started to act on these principles.

In the face of growing government pressure to turn all aspects of our work, research and teaching lives at UBC into commodities we need to organize to take strong, positive steps to preserve the role of liberal education.

In the face of growing economic disparities in our society we need to ensure that education remains available for all people in our community.

We need to ensure that the systems of promotion, tenure, and review are fair and just and consistent.  Too often I hear from colleagues who are involved in extensive community outreach that they face difficulties through the tenure and promotion process in which their community engagement is not recognized.

Ultimately it is insufficient to treat UBC as though it is simply a business. We are more than that. The narrow business minded focus limits our capacity to fulfill our academic mission.  We are a place for learning, research, and teaching.  Before all else, our academic mission must be the priority.

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