Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Housekeeping Notes.

I regularly (about every 4-6 months) go over older blog posts editing and deleting them.  Recently I removed about a dozen posts from several of my blogs. For reference I author about half a dozen+ blogs: a research blog , a local area politics blog   an anthropology teaching blog a blog about trees  .  Some are a bit out of date, like my in support of public education blog others are used more as a static page, like my recent book blog  I even have a somewhat out of date running blog for anthropology: (I very likely need to do some editing on that running blog).  

Those are just some of blogs I run. I cycle through them from time to time deleting, pruning, tending and editing on an irregular cycle (every four to six months as it suits me). Links get lost, posts lose relevance, etc.. I had one post on digital privacy (from about 2014)  that was clearly linked somewhere and all the hits to my site were focussed on that post and seemed to be coming from Russia. So I removed that post for several weeks and then, recently, reposted it as new to get away from the strange hits swamping the site . 

I appreciate that when people look at things in isolation, and do not understand the bigger picture, it makes it hard to appreciate that there is no particular reason why I recently removed a dozen items or so from my blogs (from minor complaints to commentaries on museum displays to notes on a UNA director meeting form 6 years ago and a range of other little posts) – they simply struck me as no longer relevant.  And those were simply the most recent batch from a month or two ago.  

There is a fair use issue if my work is reproduced in full without my prior informed consent. I do not consent to my work being published without my express approval. If you are intersted in publishing any of my work on these various blogs please ensure that you have my agreement. I usually agree, but sometimes I might not, and I often wish to modify an item for print publication.